Covid-19 disinfecting sanitization services

Frequently asked questions

How do I know your solution has been effective in sanitizing our facility?

You can use a ATP sensor before cleaning to show the presence of bacteria/viruses on a surface and then take another sample after our operations to show that the surface is clean. We use a luminometer to test ATP. It does not test directly for COVID-19 but does give us an indication of how clean the surface being tested is. Luminometers are the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended monitoring system for hospitals. They measure ATP which is an energy molecule found in all plant, animal, and microbial cells. All organic matter (living or dead) have ATP, including mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Measuring the the amount of bioluminescence from an ATP reaction is an excellent indication of surface sanitation. The lower the ATP is correlates directly to lower presence of germs and disease.

How is the product applied?

We use Victory Electrostatic sprayers to apply our products. Victory is the proven leader in electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic spraying charges the spray with electricity and creates a static cling effect when the product hits a surface. The active nano barriers that are sprayed are invisible to the human eye. No sticky or dirty feeling residue and no smelly chemicals. In fact our products have been used in many environments to help keep the smell from bacteria, molds or fungus. The smell from the product is pleasent, mild, disipates quickly, and leaves your home or business smelling clean and fresh.

How often do I need to re-spray my home or office?

The products we use have been proven, in multiple third part lab studies, to last up to a full month. This is accomplised through our products pattented mechanical makeup which leaves a invisible non-toxic nano barrier on surfaces sprayeed which pierces the cell wall of bacteria or viruses and explodes them on contact with an electric charge. We run an ATP test before and after each visit to ensure that our product is holding up in each individual environment. These tests are commonly used in food manufactuing facilities and hospitals to test for bacteria levels. Although the ATP test doesnt give us data on what kind of bacteria or virus might be present, it does give us a simple number to evaluate how clean a surface is so we can prove our products are beign effective.

What product do you use?

We use a proprietary product called My-Shield® with Zetrisil®. Zetrisil® is a proprietary nano-based silicone compound that is used solely or in conjunction with either isopropyl alcohol or conventional quaternary ammonium compounds. You can read more about Zetrisil® here.

How much does your service cost?

Our standard pricing for a one time spray is $0.10 per sqare foot. However, we offer monthly programs that can substantially reduce this price and ensure ongoing protection.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

We make easy. 1- Just tap one of the schedule an appointment buttons on our site and schedule your first consultation. If you are ready to get going we can take care of your first application in this visit. Or, if you need time to think about it or want to schedule another day, that is not problem.

Is this product safe on fabrics?

Yes, our products are safe on all textiles except for silk. In fact, our products are one of few sanitization products that have passed the rigorous Boeing D-6 certifications. This means our products are safe for use inside aircrafts. Not only are they safe on fabrics but also corrosion resistant. So, you don't need to worry about our products pre-maturely corroding metals, rubbers or others surfaces.

D-6 Certification

Are your products registered with the FDA and EPA?

Yes. My-Shield products are manufactured by ESC Brands. ESC Brands is registered with both the FDA and EPA. MY-Shield product FDA NDC #71844-002. Surface sanitizers are not controled by the FDA. However both our surface sanitizers and hand sanitizers contain the same active ingredients. My-Shield surface sanitizer is in the process of obtaining its COVID-19 specific number through EPA certified lab testing. Recent preleminary results have shown it to exhibit a very high log reduction against COVID-19.

How is your surface sanitizer proven to last up to full month?

Rigerous testing in certified, third party laboratory and field testing have been used for over a decade to prove the month long microbial killing power of Zetrisil® products.

In addition Sanilast will provide ATP testing before and after application to show results on active bacteria.

Do I have to leave my space during the application service?

Our products are human, pet, and food safe. When applied it may leave a slight wet mist but everything should be dry and ready for normal use within ten minutes after application. We do ask that you clear the room while our team is applying products. This should only take a few minutes and then you will be free to enter the room knowing your surfaces are safe and free of germs.

Are the products you use safe for humans and pets?

Yes, all our products are not toxic and safe. For more details you may review our safety data sheets here.